A Significant Move to the Future as WBM Announces the Sale of its Telecom Division

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Today’s announcement from WBM and Telebyte Communications is exciting news for all involved, but in particular for the WBM customer community, who will see their IT partner continue to become more focused, and more scalable, now with the power to invest and acquire when needed in order to meet the commitment of delivering a best in class portfolio, across all WBM business units.

Today’s move, which will see Telebyte Communications acquire the Telecom Division of WBM, will not represent any significant shift in support operations or work in progress from the perspective of WBM’s valued Telecom customers in the short term. In addition, care has been taken to ensure that each of the 17 members of WBM previous telecom premise equipment business are now in position to advance their careers with a new organization.

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