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Collaboration Rooms: Hybrid Collaboration within the Modern Workplace


Imagine reaching new levels of productivity and efficiency through a meeting experience that enables hybrid collaboration within the Modern Workplace

Join us for this 1-hour webinar designed for IT, Facilities, and Operations Managers, as well as Business Owners interested in creating reliable meeting experiences that drive productivity and collaboration.

Subjects covered by WBM and our customers included:

  • How to build your vision for a consistent and reliable meeting experience both in the office and from home.
  • Learn tips on how to address hybrid work issues, while creating a world class technology experience that entices employees back to the office.
  • Hear our customers discuss our unique model for end user support and enablement.
  • Understand how to get the most out of the meeting room investments you’ve already made with the right approach and technology.
  • Learn about collaboration enhancements like touch screen devices and whiteboarding.

This webinar was hosted by Jody Sagen, Director Technology Experience & Enablement, and Dustin Lee, Strategic Business Development Manager and featured a Q&A with our customers that provided insights and strategies to create exceptional meeting and collaboration experiences.

These results, and many more, are possible through the proper implementation of technology. But technology alone is not the answer. Results like these can be achieved only when people and technology are working in harmony with each other. The trick is ensuring that these forces don’t compete with each other but are in balance.

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