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Modern Deployment: Surface and the Modern Workplace


What if you could create a bond with your new employees on their first day of work that increased their productivity & job satisfaction?

Join us for this 45 minute webinar designed for IT and HR managers that are interested in using technology deployment to attract and retain high performing employees.

Subjects covered by WBM and our customers included:

  • Building an experience that delights new employees and confirms that they made the right decision to come on team.
  • Tips on how to attract and retain new employees through technology deployment, training, and support.
  • Tracking and improving on the KPI, Time to Productivity. This metric is measured from the moment they receive their device to the moment they are able to join a meeting and engage with their new team.
  • A deep dive into our client collaboration that led to this innovation, featuring stories from our current customers: Pembina Pipelines and Federated Coop Ltd.

This webinar was hosted by Jody Sagen, Director Technology Experience & Enablement, and Jamie MacKenzie, Director of End User Computing and featured a Q&A with our customers that provided insights and strategies to delighting your new recruits with a memorable day 1 experience.

These results, and many more, are possible through the proper implementation of technology. But technology alone is not the answer. Results like these can be achieved only when people and technology are working in harmony with each other. The trick is ensuring that these forces don’t compete with each other but are in balance.

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