The Threat is Real

There is a lot of information and publicity out there about cybersecurity. Much of it can be complicated and downright scary for business leaders, but it doesn’t have to be.

You know that the threat is real, you know that inaction is not a solution, and you know that businesses of all shapes and sizes are being affected by this security risk; but where do you begin? What are the immediate steps you can take to build a posture that tells cybercriminals to “move on”?

Join WBM subject matter expert Ilija Stankovski as he helps build the foundational knowledge you need today to adopt a positive security posture.

The threat is real, but vigilance doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Ilija Stankovski

Cybersecurity Expert / WBM Technologies Inc.

With over 20 years of protecting companies and their data, Ilija Stankovski has emerged as a respected industry leader in cybersecurity in Canada. With deep understanding of the hacker’s mindset, coupled with experience and training in leading cybersecurity technologies, Ilija shares some important insight on getting started with protection against cyber attacks.