Engcomp combines talent & technology to innovate

Engineering Success

Instead of trying to manage their own IT and email migration, Engcomp called on IT experts WBM Technologies to help them explore how they could further enhance productivity and collaboration with Office 365 features.

Hybrid IT Solutions for the Transformation Era

Hybrid IT

The Hybrid IT reality has changed the landscape, utilizing internal and external resources, streamlined costs through cloud consumption, and delivering technical advancements for high availability and scalability data center solutions.

Productivity, Collaboration, & Intelligence through Office 365

The Modern Workplace

As organizations advance and technology continues to evolve, the desire to finally put it all together, and truly drive new levels of productivity, collaboration, and intelligence is stronger than ever.

A Successful Outcome Based Partnership

Governance to Results & Innovation

Governance is one of the most critical elements of any strategic outcome bases client partnership, and an area where the biggest gaps in value between potential partners and transactional vendors can be found.

WBM and Engcomp Partner to Drive People Centric Business Transformations

Innovation and Excellence

The successful deployment and adoption of O365 at Engcomp is a shining example of the Innovation and Excellence that can be achieved when the WBM Service Wheel is put in motion.

In 2018, Engcomp made the decision to upgrade its email infrastructure and adopt the modern workspace. Rather than navigating this path on their own, Engcomp turned to WBM to help lead true business transformations.

This is a story of when Governance and Innovation are at the hub, business transformations can flourish.

Solutions That Accelerate and Transform

“In WBM, we have a partner who pushes the envelope on the technology front. They fuel our curiosity and encourage us to experiment. We’re happy to go along for the ride and try some new things with them.”

Nick Wright
VP Marketing & Technology, Engcomp