As organizations advance and technology continues to evolve, the desire to finally put it all together, and truly drive new levels of productivity, collaboration, and intelligence is stronger than ever.

Every WBM client that is utilizing our Office 365 implementation services are unlocking an entirely new ecosystem of applications and ways to bring their people together. This is more than “exchange in the cloud”, or a place to store information. Office365 connects individuals to each other and creates collaborative team environments, while introducing new applications, all of which tie people and information together.

The move to office 365 can be seamless, and adoption can be organic, as end-users discover it’s potential on their own. However, this can also take time, and, to some, the new opportunities can be too overwhelming to begin exploring on their own. Adoption and momentum stems from a successful implementation.

Working with WBM’s Experience Engineering team, this shift happens by working to assess existing team workflows and technology experiences, understanding where they are bogged down by technology, all with a mind toward the opportunities that exist through the upcoming Office 365 migration.

On Deployment, the Experience Engineering team introduces the new environment by focusing in on select applications and advancements that can contribute directly to the specific needs of each team or individual.

By rapidly speeding adoption and introducing end user immediately to new ways of working that deliver on their specific requirements, WBM and Microsoft are together bringing the Modern Workplace to companies across western Canada and taking them from 0 to 100 faster than ever imagined.


Speed, Agility, and Performance

How the Renault F1 Team is using Microsoft Teams to Deliver Speed, Agility, and Performance

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