Centres of Excellence

The trust that our clients put is in us is something we never take for granted. Their confidence inspires us to continue to learn, evolve, and stay ahead of our competition by providing best-in-class managed IT services and investing in our infrastructure to support our client needs.

Four key practice areas, or Centres of Excellence, have emerged as a result of our deep commitment to our clients:

Working Together

Each of these Centres of Excellence has its own team of business unit leaders, specialists, and strategic objectives that are led by our industry-focused Client Relationship Managers. Further, a group of internationally-renowned Technology Professionals back these units, making them stand out from other Managed IT companies in Canada.

However, it is the ability of these teams to merge and work together that creates our most transformational outcomes.

We view it as putting together pieces of a complicated puzzle to deliver unique client-centric strategies, rather than providing independent solutions that sit within their own silo’s.

Creating innovative outcome-based solutions through experience engineering requires that our teams work together. Therefore, ensuring that our customers always receive the hallmarks of WBM engagement:

  • Best-in-Class End-User Experiences
  • Outcome-Driven Solutions
  • Innovation as a Service Financial Models
  • Governance with Built-in Innovation and Growth

Let us help you embark on a truly transformative journey today.