At the Forefront of Innovation in Information Technology

WBM Technologies LP (WBM) is a Western Canadian leader in the provision of outcome-driven information technology solutions.

Here at WBM, we are driven by the communities we are connected to. From a humble Saskatoon storefront in 1950 to becoming one of the most sophisticated IT solution providers in Western Canada today, this motivation has never shifted. We continue to provide problem-solving solutions by first evaluating the specific concerns of the people around us.

Our small beginnings mark the start of an exciting journey for WBM Technologies. In 1962, we purchased our first photocopier, and in 1984 we created our first digital network. This led to the formation of one of Canada’s first VoIP communications systems, and in 2018 we implemented the world’s most extensive smart device service predictive analytics.

That single storefront has evolved into several state-of-the-art operations centers; we currently operate out of Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. These centres embrace over 600 skilled and motivated IT professionals who provide business outcomes in world class practice areas including Modern Workplace Adoption, Data & Security, End User Computing, Managed Print Solutions, and Enterprise Service Desk across the WBM Enterprise Experience Platform.

Today, MSPMentor501 ranks us as one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated managed IT solutions providers and a top IT solutions provider in Canada. We now have the tools to offer complete systems integration, focusing on our client organizations’ particular objectives and the role technology can play in achieving them.

WBM Leadership Team