Momentum and Rapport Through new levels of Productivity, Collaboration, and Business Intelligence

As experts in providing end user computing solutions, WBM has developed an Experience Engineering process that is designed to capture a critical, (and sometimes missing) component of many technology solutions – the day to day interactions that the end user has with the very technology that is being deployed, and the sentiment that is created as a result.

The goal of Experience Engineering is to capture, understand and relate to how end users within an organization use technology to get their work done, and to build a deployment experience and an adoption path that addresses the opportunities we uncover.

The result is a wow factor deployment that brings new possibilities to life within your environment, addresses specific end user and team based opportunities, and generates outstanding levels of end user satisfaction. This becomes a documented achievement within your organization, and truly creates momentum for the continued advancement of the technology experience being delivered.

Validation & Rapport

An initial walkthrough and end user discussion is designed to be quick and non-intrusive, validating standard asset level information, but more importantly the applications that end users find themselves working in the most. We ask them what works well and what gives them the most challenges. Understanding this across the organization helps us build a roster of the most important applications, and prioritizes where we might be able to improve some basic workflows that will improve the work experience for end users and improve general productivity. We also gain a key intangible, relationships and rapport.

First Steps Forward

As collaboration becomes more a part of every day work life, exciting new technologies are taking hold, creating the experiences that bring true change and efficiency to an organization. We want to understand how people interact with other members for the team to achieve results. It is not uncommon to find that through it all, email remains a default platform for collaboration. Identifying why that email exists, how files are being created, and who they are being shared or accessed by in the organization gives us an understanding of the workflows that could exist and helps us identify tools that are available to maximize collaboration and access data in a more meaningful and secure way.

Embracing Opportunities & Delivering Adoption

By including the end user in the entire process, we create a sense of ownership and participation. They feel invested in the solution, and we continuously find that this makes initial deployment and onboarding a much different experience. The end users are interested, involved, and even excited about the arrival of their new technology.

Building on the relationships and the rapport generated through our discovery, we can connect end users to technologies that actually improve their work and make it more enjoyable. We customize training based on the opportunities we discovered, and we can report back to the you on adoption rates of the tools being delivered.

Charting a Course to the Future

By measuring the effect of our deployment and training we begin to see things like email messages and attachments decline, while live video conferencing, real time document editing, and team based interactions and group messaging increase. As we continue to work with all members of different teams from executive leadership to the front line, we begin to get a sense of what is really important to the business. By automating previous reporting or advancing machine learning and AI in areas that make a real impact to the bottom line, we begin to empower our partners to innovate in a way that was not achievable before.

Experience Engineering

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Teamwork without boundries

Experience Engineering

Microsoft Surface Hub

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