Comprehensive Asset Management & Reporting

With tens of thousands of devices under management, across multiple time-zones and sparse geographies, WBM is one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated Managed IT Services providers. We utilize industry leading software and a team of dedicated Software License Asset Management specialists to ensure the most comprehensive Asset Management and Licensing capabilities in the industry.

WBM utilizes a Best in Class software stack that encompasses over 40 specific applications, and is powered by a custom developed Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system, dynamically tracking over 40 asset fields within every device, ranging from location, leasing information, service history, delivery waybills, and secure wipe certificates.

Remote monitoring and predictive analytics enable advanced automation of consumable deliveries and proactive maintenance, and the results are industry leading metrics in terms of resolution times, first call effectiveness, and net promoter scoring.

But it isn’t software that is the beating heart of our Asset Management practice, it is people and the relationships we have with our clients. For our WBM Asset Management team, ensuring data integrity is not a ‘nice-to-have’, ensuring data integrity is the ‘everything’. Working with our clients to have a deep and thorough understanding of their goals is paramount to our Asset Management team doing its job properly. Leveraging a customizable asset record, WBM and our partners are able to provide integrated billing uploads, departmental reporting and billing solutions, and custom reporting designed for importability into Enterprise systems.

With data comes the ability to manage and govern, as reporting in itself is not sufficient to deliver results. From dedicated Account Management and Procurement oversight and steering, to Executive level navigation and advocacy with our partners, our Asset Management group is integral to the success of any managed engagement.

Asset Management Insight

Overcoming the “But We’ve Always Done it that Way” Obstacle

Asset Management Insight

Rule #1 – Don’t Tear it Down!

Software Asset Management & Cloud Utilization

A Trusted Team in a Rapidly Shifting Environment

Software licensing and the complex tracking and management of cloud based utilization are all managed within our group of highly trained asset managers. WBM is a Microsoft certified Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, specializing in providing the latest Microsoft customer solutions across Western Canada. Our alignment with Microsoft is a natural fit amongst our organizations as Microsoft moves from a legacy licensing model to a new consumption based program that requires a managed services partner to continuously optimize and govern.

Working together, WBM and our clients are migrating towards exciting new platforms such as Windows10 and Office365, and Skype for Business.

Together we are advocating for the business cases to drive these moves as one of Microsoft’s top partners in Canada, ensuring there is a cost benefit over traditional licensing agreements, and tracking the overall outcome over time.

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