Complete Device Lifecycle Management delivered as a Managed Enterprise Service

WBM Device Lifecycle Management Offering allows large enterprise organizations to shift away from task level operations that happen in perpetuity, such as device imaging and deployment, focus on higher level value within their organizations, and enjoy the cost savings and positive end user experience ratings that come with a proven service.

This program is in place at many Enterprise-class partners across Western Canada and is a multi-faceted program that focuses on the proper selection, deployment and management of use case specific devices as the entire fleet moves through a lifespan within an organization.

The program is consistently cited as a tremendous success in not only capturing all operating costs and inputs and providing them as an all inclusive service, but also in providing large organizations with the benefits of scalability on demand, leveraging one of Western Canada’s largest and most experienced Microsoft deployment teams without the associated costs.

Each element in the visual shown represents a specific layer of expertise, with dedicated teams and methodologies in place. Utilizing WBM’s Device Lifecycle services methodology is a high value step toward mitigating the risks, costs, and pain of managing this process internally or alone.

In many cases, the entire program is consumed as a cost per device solution, however it is also very common for a particular organization to leverage only a specific element or elements of the program to address gaps that may exist in existing capacity or competency:


  • Manufacturer / Device selection
  • End user device security
  • On demand provisioning


  • Asset tagging / Documentation
  • Asset build / Configuration
  • Asset deployment


  • End user device service and support
  • Managed refresh schedule
  • Asset disposal

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