Best in Class Change Management

Print and Copy infrastructure can be some of the largest and most used IT devices in the field. Our print management solutions never underestimate the impact changing, moving, or removing an existing piece of infrastructure can have on an end-user’s work experience. Even the simple upgrade to a newer model can bring significant user anxiety if items such as the user panel change or the paper loads in a different way.

Effective change management means not only having the right plan, methodology, and technology, but communicating and executing on the plan with all stakeholders throughout the process.

Effective change management will clearly define and communicate deployment schedules, print policies, training, and support orientation.

By involving end users in the initial design, we are able to deliver an optimization solution around a success for them, and by publishing the outcomes in the form of posters, digital signage, and case studies, the optimized print environment becomes an exciting win for everyone.

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