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Concrete Reflections knew digital transformation was the plan. What they didn’t know was the importance of a world-class cybersecurity foundation. That was until brothers and owner-operators Russ and Kevin saw their business become compromised by the CryptoLocker virus in 2018.

“The new tools we have make work so much easier! We can share information better and faster with everyone on the team, no matter where they are, and we just get more done in a day. If we ever have any questions, the team can call WBM for unlimited support without worrying it will increase the cost of our services, and the help they receive is always friendly and knowledgeable.”

See how Concrete Reflections managed to embrace cybersecurity best practices, protect their data, implement world-class cybersecurity solutions, and fully embrace digital innovation.

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About Concrete Reflections

  • Industry: Concrete & Building
  • Size: SMB
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

What Did Concrete Reflections Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Implemented best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to secure operations. Cybersecurity is now seen as an opportunity that not only secures the business, but one that accelerates future growth and digital innovation.
  • Rapid adoption of industry-leading collaboration tools. Collaboration is now easier thanks to the full adoption of OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and other Office365 solutions.
  • On-demand support from a trusted partner that’s invested in their success. Team confidence is at an all-time high thanks to enhanced security and personalized end-user support provided by WBM.
  • Achieved a company culture that embraces technology. With certifications in over 102 skill paths, the Concrete Reflections team is more collaborative, productive, and innovative than ever before.

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