WBM Asset Management is instrumental in our enterprise print management success. This dedicated group works closely with the WBM client community to completely monitor and report on print assets as they move and change within an Enterprise, customize and track device information, ensure Best in Class Automated Toner Delivery, and customize billing and invoicing requirements to client preferences.

Tracking the location of every asset in a fleet is crucial to ensuring timely support services, and toner delivery, especially when fleets are spread out across diverse geographies or field locations.

The WBM Asset Management system is a Microsoft Dynamics AX platform customized for client needs by two in-house developers.

The system tracks 63 unique fields for each print asset, dynamically updating the records from sources that include service delivery, device volumes, key operator information, and stage of lifecycle. The team is able to provide a monthly cost per copy invoice in a format that fits our Managed Print client’s preferences, can be detailed on a departmental or even end user level, and comprehensive reporting data for client fleets.

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