“If I was going to do business with a managed print services provider in Western Canada, it would be with WBM. My role with BEI ProsElite means that I have seen almost every major managed print solutions provider across the United States and Canada, and this is far and away one of the strongest and most sophisticated operations I have ever seen. They’ve built this business around the end user, and they’ve made the investments required to be years ahead of the competition. It’s not even close.”

Steven RollaSenior Managing Partner, BEI ProsElite Group

World Class Managed Print Technology Solutions, Right in Your Own Backyard

The WBM Managed Print Solution practice continues to evolve, from our roots as a provider of adding machines in the 1950’s and photocopiers in the 60’s, to current solutions that use 3D print to reduce patient time to treatment, IP fax solutions driving down costs and paper consumption, and card authentication solutions driving end user efficiency and Enterprise security.

As one of Canada’s largest and most advanced managed print services operations, WBM is working with an impressive community of organizations across North America, delivering outcomes that include:

  • Multi-million dollar operating cost reductions
  • Infrastructure streamlining and optimization
  • End user satisfaction success stories
  • Award winning environmental performance gains

WBM is an HP Canada Partner of the Year, a Ricoh Canada Red Award Winner for Excellence in Customer Relationships and Organizational Values, and our solutions are built across only Tier 1 technologies that include, Ricoh, HP, Lexmark print technologies, MakerBot 3D imaging, and Heidelberg digital presses.

Today, our organization continues to evolve, with powerful business intelligence insights, performance dashboards, and predictive analytics for call avoidance and preventative support enabling uptime never before experienced. With scale, sophistication, and incredible experience, we have never been more ready to meet our next great partner and create these results together.

Managed Print Solutions

Global Print Management at Cameco

Award Winning Results in Sustainability, Cost Reduction, and Security

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