People, Technology, and a Deep Commitment to our Clients

Our Operations Centers and Technology Campuses are the shining embodiment of what WBM is all about – people, technology, and commitment to our clients.

The WBM Infrastructure Operations Centre (IOC) is a multi-node technology campus with locations across Western Canada that focuses all of our core competencies in support of the WBM client community. The development of our IOC platform is a seven-figure investment into the growth and development of Western Canadian IT, and is already a hallmark of our support organization across Western Canada. Our IOCs include full Service Desk capabilities operating 24x7x365, and are powered by nearly 300 staff, and over 50 applications across a software stack centered around Microsoft Dynamic AX.

Today, the WBM Operations Centers are providing Service Desk and Related services to some of Western Canada’s largest organizations and these partnerships have propelled WBM’s ranking as one of the world’s largest Managed IT Services Organization on the MSPMentor501 global rankings.

Great People as our Foundation

The WBM IOC Campuses are all about the people who work and interact together everyday in support of your outcomes. Service Desk Delivery Managers, Project Managers, Change Leaders, and the technical teams that deliver the service are supported by specialists and architects from across our practices areas.

Press Release

WBM Announces Construction of the Company’s Latest State of the Art Technology Campus

Press Release

WBM Announces a 3rd Operations Centre in Western Canada

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