Security and Asset Management: The Glaring Issue Facing Our It Community.

Together, we put leaders from within our community and beyond on the stage. As is often the case with this group, even in the face of serious concerns such as “the looming technology security threat”, we were able to understand the risks, break down the contributing factors, and be in a position to deliver value on the opportunities presented.

At Connection 2015, we saw the incredible work that is happening across our community and the results and experiences were truly world class.

Quotes From This Year’s Event

  • “Do not mistake awareness for De-Sensitization”
  • “We aren’t inventing new crimes here. This is still break and entry. It’s just that this is how you do it now.”
  • “We are undergoing a historic shift”
  • “Hands down, right here, this is the best partner technology event in Canada”

Comments From Twitter

  • “Thanks for all you do”
  • “Don’t just change to cope, change to make an impact”
  • “A who’s who of IT”