The Power of Together

All across Western Canada are opportunities to make a difference.

By focusing on the children of our communities, and in particular those that may face greater challenges, or simply need some good news, we can have an impact.

The emotions that come with playing even a small part in these amazing lives comes back to all of us in our work, and in the values that propel us.

Empowering Education

Putting Student Outcomes First

Discover how technology empowered and connected Jacob Bearspaw Memorial School’s students through the power of community and experience-driven learning.

Technology Scholarships

WBM Technology Scholarships and attendance awards bring youth into programs designed to spark a passion for technology that could last a lifetime.

Arts in the Classroom

The partnership between WBM and Persephone Theatre has done more than bring new technologies to a center of the arts. Together, we have worked to bring the arts into the classroom, and connect our youth with the amazing experiences that theatre brings.

Day in the Life

WBM Day in the Life programs help showcase the incredible diversity of opportunities that the information technology sector offers, and helps build interest and enthusiasm in us all for what lies ahead.

Fostering Happiness

WBM Bike Building

Together with our client community, WBM Bike Building events not only allow a humorous glimpse into how IT professionals are as bike mechanics, they also provide a heart warming and emotional connection to the faces of children as they receive what is in many cases, the first bicycle they have ever owned.

WBM Fishing Days

Children face pressures just like all of us. WBM fishing days are less about teaching children to fish, and more about patience, calm, and gaining an appreciation for the little things around us every day.

New York Islanders Training Camp

In the fall of 2009, WBM worked with the New York Islanders to host an NHL training. Titled “Bringing our Game Home”, the initiative saw WBM contribute to the Islanders own work with the children of New York City, while the Islanders provided a complete team set of equipment and jerseys for WBM to create a hockey team of children who would not otherwise have been able to play.