WBM Enterprise Secure Print is a network printer security solution that enables a new level of end user efficacy, eliminates waste derived from uncollected print jobs, and delivers best practices in information security to the Enterprise.

Secure Document Release (SDR)

Secure Printing holds documents sent to print in a proprietary queue until a user releases the job via a physical terminal, Release Station, Web Release Station, or MFP embedded device. This prevents situations where proprietary documents sit at the printer for all users to see until the user picks up the job. Administrators configure secure document release for each device that they want to have print jobs held in the device queue in System Manager.

Follow-You Printing

Follow-You Printing extends the basic functionality of secure printing by allowing users to release print jobs to compatible devices on the network, without having to specify the printer when submitting the request.

Follow-You Printing protects confidential documents from being outputted into unattended exit trays. Users are required to authenticate themselves at the control panel before their jobs are outputted for copying, scanning and faxing. Print jobs are stored on the print server securely, and only delivered over the network to the device when the job is released. Our solutions support secure and encrypted channels between the print server and the devices.

WBM Specialists will work to build the business case for extended print security by understanding the value of eliminating wasteful unclaimed printing, or reprinting of lost pages by holding print jobs in a secure server until users authenticate themselves at the network printer of their choice.

With WBM, you have a partner that has successfully implemented this solution across some of Western Canada’s largest and most secure environment, from health care to nuclear fuel.

WBM has the experience and the capacity to deliver these results, we have a thorough process to introduce these solutions into our customers’ environments, and we have a projects team that is accountable for delivering the solution from start to finish.

With WBM authorizations on Ricoh, HP, Lexmark, and Xerox device sets, we have access to innovation across multiple manufacturing platforms. The following are examples of some specific tools and solutions that we can explore with to improve work flows, environmental results and security.

Capture and Route or IP Fax

These solutions offer the ability to reduce costs by elimination of fax lines. Capture and Route allows our customers to capture incoming faxes on a server, and route them via email to select email addresses. Not only does this eliminate costly fax lines, it eliminates unnecessary printing of every fax by allowing the end user to determine if a fax needs to be printed out. This is also a more secure way of handling incoming faxes as the fax is not sitting out in the open waiting to be picked up.

Mobile Printing

Most Tier 1 manufacturers now have MFD’s that are capable of printing from mobile devices, which at outset has a ‘cool factor’ appeal, but understanding how end users are interested in engaging the print environment from mobile applications is where the value in these capabilities reside.

Enterprise Content Management

A stable and advanced print environment can open the doors to end user workflow efficiencies through the ability to integrate content management portals directly into the devices and their on screen interfaces. Healthcare organizations scanning directly into the patient medical records, or law firms scanning directly into secure case files for example. How ECM interfaces with the print environment can streamline and automate paper-based document management processes, and selecting standards capable of supporting downstream workflow optimization will be important.

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