Discover how technology empowered and connected Jacob Bearspaw Memorial School’s students through the power of community and experience-driven learning.

Schools in rural communities often struggle to keep students engaged and committed to continuous learning.

A lack of engagement saw Jacob Bearspaw Memorial School’s attendance numbers continue to drop.

Principal Chief Robbie Gordon knew something had to be done—something that leveraged their student’s passion for technology to create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

And from there, a big idea and a new partnership were born. The vision was to leverage the dynamism of technology to transform the school’s computer lab—creating a space where students could learn, explore, and receive support in a meaningful way.

WBM was selected as the technology provider to carry out this new initiative because of our outcomes-based and community-first approach.

The final results speak for themselves. Students are more engaged than ever, and more importantly, that bold first step is only the beginning. A technology-driven revolution has been unleashed—one that provides a nurturing and unique learning environment based on the very real needs of rural communities and the bright minds of tomorrow.