Every Company is a Technology Company

Technology is enabling growth, improving the bottom line, and creating products and services that were simply not possible before.

Likewise, the role of a Managed It Services Provider has evolved tremendously, from the notion of “let us look after IT so you don’t have to” to now – where the need to protect your organization and you ability to conduct business is a strategic requirement, while the opportunities to increase your value and profitability including automations, remote workflows, and the ability to collaborate and work together from anywhere.

Every day, we meet organizations from across Western Canada, who have outgrown their old approach to IT, and are excited, but also hesitant, to take the step forward they know they need to in order to start achieving the results they are seeing others attain.

Join One of the World’s Most Progressive Business and IT Communities

There is more than comfort and strength in numbers, there are lessons learned, skillsets developed, experiences gained. There is also confidence, as WBM grows around proven partnerships built on meaningful relationships and real business value. Together, our client community is not only enabling themselves, they are powering WBM forward as well.

24x7x365 Virtual Security Operations Center. The WBM Virtual Security Operations Center delivers real time intrusion and malicious activity detections, ensuring your organization is protected by the same systems and best practices as a large enterprises.a
Live on Demand Customer Access. WBM’s award winning Modern Workplace specialists are available live on Teams, providing the ability to join and get the assistance and answers you need, right in the moment, all in a personal and easy to use experience.
Dedicated Support Pods. Your dedicated support team works with a focused group of clients, ensuring agility and familiarity with your people and your systems, a first name basis relationship with support technologists, and on demand access to local resources.
Managed Modern Meeting Rooms. Ensure that your organization is productive in a hybrid work environment. Fully supported room systems provide the ability to meet in person, remotely, or both, while accessing, sharing, and collaborating around information easily and securely.
Workflow Automations on the Power Platform. A discovery approach to identify repetitive tasks and tedious workflows that can be streamlined or automated completely, WBM workflow automations are accelerating work to drive efficiency and increased profitability.
Great from Day One Onboarding. A proven methodology to understand your current state, and ensure that we make ‘go live’ a special moment as your organization takes a tremendous step forward in security posture, technology innovation, and end user happiness.

A Technology Partner Who Can Meet You Where You Are…

…and chart a path forward together that drives business value, and achieves your desired results.

Our approach is designed to first understand your purpose, your people, and the work you do on a daily basis.  Our Discovery methodology makes sure we understand what you have in place currently, where you are comfortable, and where you are concerned.  Our onboarding turns day 1 into our Opening Night, and together our ongoing Governance approach shows you the clear data on what is happening now, and the outcomes that are possible ahead.

From our first steps together, to experiencing new possibilities in efficiency, collaboration, and happiness, our approach is designed to drive continuous improvement and innovation over time.

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Darrell Denet
Since partnering with WBM Technologies as our IT Partner in 2017, G-Mac’s has used technology to enable growth, communication and resiliency across our 14 locations and 125+ employees. We chose WBM as a partner who had proven experience in advising how to best keep our technology, processes and security current and fit for purpose. Through this global pandemic, we quickly realized the huge benefit from our investment in technology and our partnership with WBM.

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