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Managed IT Support Services are a defined set of onsite or remotely delivered services that are prepaid for on a recurring basis. Services are scheduled, and systems are monitored preventative and proactive in nature instead of the more traditional method of reacting to problems and paying bills on a time and materials basis.

For clients not wishing to invest in their own IT Departments or support infrastructures, taking advantage of WBM’s Managed IT Support Services is the perfect way to leverage our vast expertise and knowledge in IT.  Additionally it allows you to leverage our world-class infrastructure and best-in-class solutions.

Through our Managed IT Solutions, WBM delivers the highest quality technical expertise delivered by Western Canada’s most sophisticated IT Service Teams. Our Managed Services Team works with clients in a wide variety of business markets that include banking, agricultural, manufacturing, law, government and healthcare.

Key Benefits

  • No unexpected costs
  • Comprehensive and clearly identified Service Level Agreements
  • Focus on the employee experience
  • Proactive uptime focus service delivery model
  • Regular Business Governance Reviews

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