Managing the Modern Workplace

The management of a modern end user computing environment presents many interesting challenges to organizations. Factors such as the continued rise in end user expectations, the emergence of Windows 10, and requirements around security and asset management have resulted in organizations needing a reliable strategy and set of supporting tools.

WBM SCCM-aaS was developed around the requirements of our Enterprise customer community, many of whom were utilizing SCCM to some degree, but struggling to maximize it’s value, fully implement the tool, or truly utilize it to gain the visibility or remote functionality envisioned. The WBM SCCM-aaS is foundational in deploying Windows 10 at the enterprise level.

The SCCM aaS offering is unique to the marketplace and is focused on delivering a number of key strategic outcomes to an organization.

We assume the management and support of your SCCM environment and immediately implement our best in class solution to deliver the following strategic business outcomes:

  • A secure, managed and monitored end user computing environment
  • A fully managed, updated, and compliant software catalog
  • Access to applications
  • Faster time to repair to eliminate downtime for end users

WBM has built a deep level of expertise around the Microsoft Modern Desktop and the management of these devices. WBM uses SCCM, Intune and select supporting tools to deliver a fully managed desktop solution including:

  • Device configuration and image life cycle management
  • Software lifecycle management (packing, deployment & software asset management)
  • Device security and policies
  • Device encryption and antivirus
  • End user device patching and compliance
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • BYOD enablement

Additionally, working together with Microsoft, WBM offers delivery of SCCM as a cloud based service, using an Azure provisioned instance for a completely out sourced utility consumption model.

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