The Message Was Loud and Clear at the Connection 2016 Event Hosted by CDN Top 100 Solution Provider WBM Earlier This October: There Are Some Amazing Things Happening in Western Canada’s It Community.

A decade ago, the Connection event consisted of about 50 members of the IT community convening at a golf course. At Connection 2016, which took place in Saskatoon earlier this October, more than 500 leaders of the IT community in Western Canada came together to celebrate and share the growth and transformation the community has seen.

“It is not an event about the technology, but an event about the community,” said WBM vice president Brett Bailey in an interview with CDN. “We pull members of the IT community onto the stage and they discuss the issues they are facing and the outcomes that they’re getting.

By and large, the event celebrated the aggressive transformations seen across the IT community in Western Canada, and the outcomes that are possible due to taking those risks.

Instead of presentations about the latest technology a company could use, the event instead focused on the stories of transformations made by some of the Western Canadian IT organizations in attendance.