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It’s the outcomes that matter more than ever today. For forward-thinking public sector organizations like the Government of Saskatchewan (GoS), that means keeping the focus on support models, long-term partnerships, and procurement strategies. That’s why the GoS sought out a world-class IT partner in WBM to provide a modernized End-User Computing (EUC) program.

See how the Government of Saskatchewan achieved an outcomes-based approach with an agile EUC program designed around their needs.

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About the Government of Saskatchewan

  • Industry: Provincial Government
  • Size: 12,000+ Employees
  • WBM Partner Since 2016

What Did the Government of Saskatchewan Achieve By Working With WBM?

Created a best-in-class, onsite EUC operations centre. A joint effort by the GoS and WBM led to the creation of a single location for all warehousing, builds, and support operations.

Launched a reliable, forward-thinking refresh schedule. WBM designed an optimized refresh schedule to handle both short-term and long-term device refreshes.

Significant cost-savings on hardware purchases. WBM’s procurement expertise saved the GoS more than $530,000 in a single year.

Boosted end-user satisfaction in all categories. The majority of GoS employees were “very satisfied” with the quality of service, timelines, and the overall process.

New levels of financial clarity using fixed monthly pricing. Costs are more streamlined than ever, thanks to a new single monthly cost per device model.

Implemented an outcomes-based Central Services procurement process. Other public sector organizations can join this program to unlock new savings, services, and more.

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