“To me, the key to WBM’s success as a Production Print leader is the elimination of risk. There is simply no risk, because WBM just will not rest until the desired results are achieved, and we know that here at Ricoh. This usually means an incredibly high level of end user training (right out of the gate but, also over time), as well as a continued focus on the cost benefits being achieved.”

To see a WBM Specialist provide Production Print training in sign language to ensure a great experience for a key operator at the University of Regina was an incredible moment, and certainly a first for me in my career.”

Bill Paulsen – Manager, Production Printing Group, Ricoh Canada

As one of Ricoh Canada’s largest and most sophisticated production printing partners, and as a certified technical support provider for Heidelberg Digital Presses, WBM boasts a strong portfolio of production print technology & support.

Our technical team has significant experience in high volume environments, with 100’s of combined years of experience in delivering and supporting high volume customers with 100’s of millions of pages in volume per year. We have learned so much serving Canadian enterprise since our founding in 1950, and we are excited to bring it all to the table for organizations looking to excel.

We know that production support is different. We assign a dedicated lead technician to each of our production printing accounts. This means that, beyond the numerous WBM technicians who are already certified on production devices for our clients, each organization has a lead technician who intimately understands your work environment, has a great personal working relationship with your team, and a high degree of familiarity with the environment and the jobs being run. Additionally, this technician will not only carry the base level parts inventory in their support vehicle, they will actually have a parts cache maintained that is customized to your exact devices.

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