The use of mobile devices represents a key component of any comprehensive end user computing strategy, and we are increasingly seeing mobile devices tied into the Modern Workplace through emerging applications such as Teams, and Skype for business.

As a managed mobility service provider, WBM brings mobile device fleets under management for Enterprises across the WBM client community. This enables the delivery of new applications, higher levels of end user support, and realizing important outcomes in terms of security, asset management, and significant cost reduction.

Mobile device management is often an area of the Enterprise IT environment that can benefit significantly from being delivered as a service, allowing ongoing monthly operational tasks required to be offloaded, and more important elements of the environment, from device selection to application delivery to be focused on instead.

In migrating to a managed mobility service, we have uncovered tremendous opportunities for cost savings, efficiency, and new value in multiple key areas:

Cost Elimination Outcome : Validation and Elimination of Unused Line Charges

As enterprises grow, the number of unused lines tends to grow as well, increasing as end users are added and leave, as they upgrade to new devices, and as programs are cut or changed. Advanced reporting provides visibility into all devices that go unused, but the process is not as simple as just terminating these plans. Some phones exit for security or safety reasons, and the WBM Asset Management team validates each unused device prior to building the candidate roster for deactivation.

By delivering this process and continuously managing it over time, the monthly operational expense savings will reach into the thousands of dollars, as shown on this actual governance chart from a managed enterprise.

Cost Elimination Outcome : Plan Optimization & Data Overage Reduction

A major factor in generating significant cost reductions through mobile device management as a service is the ongoing optimization of plans at a device level to eliminate costly data overage charges.

As shown in this actual governance outcome, it is not uncommon to find that organizations are incurring large data overage costs per month, even while on aggressive corporate plans.

Value Added Outcome : Managerial Visibility & Reporting

All enterprises under WBM Managed Mobility Services receive an automated managerial reporting summary, a notification that shows each manager the mobile devices assigned to their teams, and the associated cost for approval. This simple tool generates tremendously positive feedback from leaders within the organization, who gain a tangible sense that their environment is being carefully managed.

As shown in this actual governance display, 224 account changes were requested and completed as a result of this new level of visibility.

Value Added Outcome : Device Procurement Portal

More and more, the cost of mobile devices is not only about the spiraling operational cost, it is also about the acquisition price, which even for mainstream devices such as iPhone has surpassed the cost of a standard desktop.

WBM Managed Mobility clients benefit from a device procurement portal, an online location that represents an end user service, but is also ensuring that IT organizations have control over approved device standards, and are able to capture and manage what is often a previously unstructured and unknown overall cost within an enterprise.

Managing the cost of mobility is not a one-time event. Optimizing all of the existing plans as a one time exercise will deliver value, however without a program in place these costs will simply creep back up and increase.

By leveraging a proven managed mobility service, Enterprises are able to maximize ROI from investments in MDM platforms, or avoid those investments altogether. Most importantly though, enterprise are able to shift work from trying to keep up to operational device management, and instead focus on delivering applications and end user advancements on what is now a stable and managed device fleet.

To deliver the mobility outcomes WBM leverages the following processes:

  • Billing portal with reconciliation across multiple carriers
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Line validation and elimination
  • Plan optimization and changes
  • Detailed managerial reporting
  • Billing error reporting and reconciliation
  • Carrier negotiation
  • Procurement

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