Strategic Guidance, Solutions, & Governance

WBM currently provides End User Computing (EUC) solutions, strategic guidance, and governance that are producing results every day for an impressive array of Enterprise-class organizations across Western Canada. As the tangible results of our strategies emerge, EUC has become the highest growth area of WBM’s operations.

“The shift away from traditional procurement has been dramatic. An entirely new End User Computing (EUC) Discipline has emerged whereby organizations seek to align with their end users, find transparency in their costs, and build concise roadmaps that allow them to quantify gains around areas of their IT infrastructure that touch end users every day.”

Paul Cluett – Director of Enterprise IT Services, WBM Technologies Inc.

WBM employs a distinctly “service-driven” approach to the solutions captured under our EUC practice with financial models that align our customer’s interests with that of WBM. This is unquestionably unique.

A Services Driven Strategic Partnership for Results

Our Service Delivery Approach is a clean and simple partner-led model, structured around a joint venture between our clients and WBM to deliver strategic results.

  • It delivers an experienced and proven team, backed by Tier I technologies, and a single point of accountability, delivery, and governance to results.
  • It encompasses and provides all of the services and solutions highlighted below, in their entirety, at a Best in Class level.
  • The scope of all services to be delivered are core business areas of WBM. Working with some of the most progressive enterprise organizations in the provision of these exact services.
  • The approach is a highly-recognized model. It is clearly understood and endorsed by the technology industry participants including manufacturers, distribution partners, and financial partners. Our experience in other enterprise organizations has us extraordinarily prepared to deliver; advancing together seamlessly from the current state, to an impressive and Best in industry model moving forward.
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