WBM’s IT Procurement Services team is a highly experienced group of specialists boasting decades of industry experience in managing one of Canada’s largest IT purchasing organizations. They are focused on a white glove level of service, managing transactions across 100’s of thousands of SKU’s for some of Western Canada’s largest Enterprise organizations and shared services buying groups.

Configuration & Pricing Support

Working as a strategic partner, the WBM procurement services team is an extension of your own organization, identifying or custom building specific device configurations, and advocating for pricing levels that drive value and align with the business requirements of our client community. Experience with enterprise organizations across both public and private sector allows us to seek best value and ensure that together with our manufacturer partners we are delivering at each and every transaction.

Regional Distribution & Managed Inventory Services

In addition to direct access and WBM specific inventories within leading technology distribution centers, WBM also managing it’s own warehousing operations with locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, and Saskatoon. These facilities provide on demand managed inventory levels for assured availability, timed warranty start dates, business continuity programs, imaging and distribution centers, and provincially audit and inspected secure wipe and disposal services.

Custom Online Procurement Portal at wbmdirect.ca

Highly customized procurement engagements built around our clients’ individual needs are a key building block to our long-term partnerships.

Through wbmdirect, Enterprise clients receive a fully managed online purchasing portal that provides approved technology catalogs, real time availability across all major distributors, and special pricing visibility.

Departmental Billing and Custom Invoicing

Powered by Microsoft DynamicsAX, WBM procurement services offer completely customizable billing and invoicing, supporting departmental billing and complex Enterprise accounting flows to ensure transparency, visibility, and supply chain integration.

WBM Lifecycle Management & as a Service Programs

In many cases, the WBM Procurement team is working in support of an outcomes-based, “as a service” billing model that is integrated seamlessly into a broader deployment or lifecycle management program. Coordination and advocacy between WBM, hardware manufacturers, leasing providers, and distributors ensures that WBM clients receive the best-in-class value.

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