Innovative Cost Models for Scalability & Predictable Budgeting

A truly unique and innovative financing solution provided by WBM is an Outcomes as a Service Flat Rate Costing Model.  Building on our Best Practice managed solution models, outcome based financial models eliminate silo-ed costs and wraps everything into a single, managed program with a simplified & consistent monthly OpEx, simplifying IT help desk outsourcing costs for our clients.

Traditionally this service comes on a cost per call basis, an approach that doesn’t hold the ‘skin in the game’ incentive for service providers to seek innovation, investment, and evolution that could otherwise be driving total calls down, and end user experience metrics up.

In addition, end user computing costs such as deployments are often being delivered outside of the service desk engagement and are often also based on an hourly rate or per device cost model that is likely to grow over time.

A seamless transition to the WBM Service desk program creates a tremendous opportunity to consolidate per incident billing and other service or deployment costs into a reduced and consistent monthly rate.  Working together, WBM and our Enterprise Service Desk customers achieve a solution that allows for efficient and predictable budgeting, a vision for scalability and expanded services organizationally, and removes the pain associated with budgeting around spikes on call volumes or the cost to expand the service to new departments, applications, or initiatives.

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