Disciplined Service Methodologies

The process of receiving, recording, validating, resolving and escalating all tickets as required is part of the Enterprise Service Desk approach. The Service Desk model is built upon ITIL best practices through WBM adopted ITIL internal standards and certifications.

In order to achieve the SLA’s and customer satisfaction metrics attached to each and every service desk interaction, it is critically important that WBM develop and follow standard operation procedures (SOPs) for each call type. These SOPs provide the service desk employees with a clear set of procedures to be followed to effectively resolve and escalate tickets for our clients following pre-established incident guidelines.

The WBM Infrastructure Operations Center, Service Desk, and associated systems (ITSM/RMM) are built in accordance with best practises for ITIL Service Operations including Incident and Problem Management. These systems provide our enterprise IT monitoring teams the ability to collect and analyze incident data while collating the information in a manner which is able to trend the information toward a problem management based outcome.  In this way, disparate pieces of incident data can be used to improve the overall state of the services at play.

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