The Power of Together

Best-in-class to us extends beyond WBM…it also means that we are growing with the best clients around us. Through the WBM Connection event series, WBM client delegations to major IT events, and exclusive executive briefing excursions, we are creating a network for our clients to help them succeed and evolve. Fueled by a vision for innovation and the ever-increasing role of technology, the WBM client community is sharing knowledge, overcoming challenges, and achieving business outcomes together.

Connection 2018

Trust and Disruption

Challenges and opportunities presented by disruption will require new levels of trust

Connection 2016

Transformations and Outcomes

There are some amazing things happening in western Canada’s IT community

Connection 2015

Technology Security Summit

The IT community brings forward the issue of Technology Security to be explored

Connection 2014

The Power of Innovation

In Western Canada, IT organizations are now moving into the forefront of innovation

Connection 2012

People + Results in IT

400 strong discuss IT staffing issues resulting from Western Canada's economic boom

Connection 2011

The New Age of Mobility

Mobile technologies are driving transformative change into progressive IT organizations