“With WBM we have an incredible success on our hands, and we have all of the tools and processes that the large enterprises around us have.  We have consolidated from multiple vendors to a single trusted local partner, and we have gone from a fat environment with expensive inventories of toner, consumables, and support programs, to a super Lean environment with no inventory, toner delivery, remote monitoring, and excellent end user satisfaction across all locations. This isn’t just somebody to look after print support.  We have a partner who is focused on this as their business, just as we are focused on our members as our business.  The WBM team is fun to work with, they listen to the objectives we set out, and report back on the results we are getting.  Our organization is Leaner, our end users are happier, and our costs are trending down, not up.  This is exactly the type of partnership that Affinity values.”

Curtis Mintkawetz – Support Services Manager, Affinity Credit Union

The requisition of consumables through automatic alerts is a recommended industry practice for Just-In-Time toner delivery. To maintain strict Service Level Objectives, all network devices are setup to be remotely monitored through the WBM IOC (Infrastructure Operations Center), and leverage the world’s best tools to monitor print infrastructures.

This enterprise print management solution has been a huge success as it eliminates the need for our clients to store toner onsite and allows them to reallocate physical space within their environments for more impactful use. It also relieves staff from monitoring toner levels and placing orders. Toner thresholds can be set according to specific device, historical monthly volume trends, time of year, or countless other triggers to ensure a consistent and tailored delivery program. Throughout the print cycle, this automated process learns over time and is responsive to trends and requirements, eliminating a significant amount of work previously required by our clients’ staff.

With over $2,000,000 in on demand parts and consumables stocking across 5 Canadian Warehouses, WBM delivers a truly world class support program.

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WBM Successfully Completes World’s Largest Implementation of HP SDS Predictive Analytics

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