Connection 2018: “Trust & Disruption” explored how disruptive changes are reshaping our business and personal environments. Navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by disruption will require new levels of trust between stakeholders.

This year’s event brought together over 400 IT, government and business leaders for an afternoon of sharing challenges, successes and strategic insights. One of the many noteworthy conclusions: if we foster innovation in the workplace, we can successfully navigate disruption and strengthen the trust of our customers.

Highlights of the day included: a keynote presentation from Terry Jones (founder of Travelocity and Kayak); an engaging panel discussion in response to Terry’s message; a series of mini TED-talks from client, industry and community leaders; and an expanded version of our Technology Solutions Showcase.

From all of us at WBM Technologies, thank you for attending! We hope that you and your colleagues will enjoy this video of Terry Jones’ keynote presentation.

Disruption OFF / Innovation ON - Watch the Keynote from Terry Jones

Audience Interaction