Perhaps the most transformative shift through office 365 is the new level of collaboration that can be delivered to end users, as documents and files are co-authored in real time and automatically kept updated and saved in Office 365.


Through Teams, Office 365 allows end user to instantly create workgroups to achieve tasks small and large, long term or short term in nature. Teams creates a shared location that brings people together in conversations and chat, extends out to mobile devices, and brings together everything from meeting notes to files.

The WBM Experience Engineering team is able to onboard end user into Office 365 and introduce them to this new way to work in a way that creates excitement and drives adoption.

Skype for Business and Skype Voice

WBM is a Microsoft certified and trained implementation team, skilled in the delivery of the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework to ensure and implement connectivity requirements for successful real time media collaboration. As Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Skype for Business come together, WBM’s role as a cloud solution provider is magnified in ensuring cost benefit achievement and successful adoption.

WBM is one of Microsoft’s only Western Canadian based members of the Skype Voice PDU (Practice Development Unit), working closely with leading Microsoft Voice Architects and partners to enable our client community to continue moving toward a seamless Skype for business environment, ultimately paving the way for the cost savings and efficiency that comes from no longer needed traditional telephony.

Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is a revolutionary tool, displacing traditional video conferencing and seamlessly delivering the office 365 collaboration environment to board rooms, team meetings, and brainstorming sessions. This amazing multi touch display is at once a digital whiteboard, Skype video conferencing session, and end user computing device.

WBM is one of only a select number of Microsoft Surface Hub partners in Canada, authorized in the delivery and implementation of these collaboration devices.

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