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Is your current service desk solution keeping up, evolving, and staying in alignment with the increasingly diverse and always changing needs of your end-users?

Our discovery-based approach has allowed many of Western Canada’s top customer service organizations to build on what’s working, identify opportunities to address gaps, and deliver advancements where they will be most helpful.

A WBM Service-Desk Solution Empowers You To...

Set your in-house team up for success with Local, Western Canadian, and 24x7x365 Coverage
Rapidly Improve Open Ticket Count, First Call Effectiveness, Net Promoter Score & Other KPIs
Move From Discovery Insights to "Great from Day One" and Go Live in Weeks, Not Months
Benchmark Your Own Performance Against Organizations Across the WBM Partner Community
Deliver Data-Driven Innovations to Your Organization, Including Predictive Analytics & AI
Leverage a More Predictable, Cost-Effective Pricing Model that Ensures we are Mutually Invested in Your Results

A Culture of Innovation & Continuous Improvement

We believe in building lasting relationships. That’s why we’re all-in on your success.

Whether you’re looking to implement a new service desk solution, improve customer experiences, reduce call volume and resolution times, or free up your people, we help you discover the best way to get there

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World-Class Support Infrastructure

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Innovation, AI, & Data Driven Insights

Leverage ongoing investments in technologies to bring your team the latest in automation and efficiency.

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Predictable aaS Financial Model

Our innovative as a Service approach ensures savings and accountability over antiquated cost per call offerings.

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Steve Reece
I want to thank you for all you and your team are doing to help Vermilion with the changes we are making to work from home. While I obviously hadn’t anticipated a global pandemic, partnering with WBM to strengthen our team and provide scalability certainly was a key deliverable, and you are proving why this decision was a good one.

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