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Located in both the U.S. and Canada, Enerplus understands the importance of consistent, reliable, and efficient end-user support across locations, devices, and users. By partnering with WBM, Enerplus was able to finally bridge the gaps between its people and the technologies they rely on.

“We had never been able to visit all our field sites before WBM came and took over field support.  Now, we get to every little town twice a year.”

Discover how Enerplus upgraded its service desk to include bi-annual field support across even the most remote locations.

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About Enerplus

  • Industry: Oil & Energy
  • Size: 400+ Employees
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

What Did Enerplus Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Delivers best-in-class customer service. By relying on WBM’s field support, Enerplus is now able to support even the most remote field sites, including those located in towns with two to three people.
  • Roadmapped development and operation plans. Enerplus now benefits from WBM’s decades of expertise, allowing for continuous optimization.
  • Improved response times and customer satisfaction. End-users report overall satisfaction with services delivered.

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