• March 5, 2018

WBM Technologies Achieves Multiple Gold Level Certifications in Microsoft Cloud & DataCenter Solutions

Rapid Growth in Cloud and Hybrid IT Consumption Across Western Canada is Driving Investment and New Competencies at WBM Data & Security Operations

WBM Technologies today announced that the company’s Western Canadian Data and Security Technology teams have achieved Microsoft Gold Status competencies in 4 key growth areas that are delivering innovation and business outcomes across the company’s growing client community:

  • Gold Cloud Platform Architecture
  • Gold Cloud Productivity Solutions
  • Gold Datacenter Development
  • Gold Small and MidMarket Cloud Solutions

Earning Gold level designations in these areas not only represents a fantastic achievement for WBM Technologists across Western Canada, it also reflects the direction that one of the country’s largest managed IT client communities is taking.

As Director of Data & Security Operations at WBM Technologies, Trevor Derkatz is leading a team of over 80 IT Specialists forward. “These technologies have been emerging for some time, and now there is a maturity as real business results and real value are being achieved. It’s exciting, we are seeing our customers looking to be aggressive and forward thinking in embracing what is possible. It’s about digital transformation, and achieving business intelligence.”

“These designations are so much more than certifications, they are really about who we are, and what inspires us as a team,” said JoeAnne Hardy, President at WBM. “We are so proud to have this group of people around us, and to have a partner in Microsoft who is rallying with us and our customers. Together, we have done some amazing work, and there is no better feeling than to come together with our client in a governance session where the results of these solutions can be looked at, celebrated, and the next steps forward come into view.”

The alliance between WBM and Microsoft has produced exceptional results to date, helping lead many of Western Canada’s largest organizations through business transformations that are redfining how they work, collaborate, and use information.

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