• June 18, 2019

WBM Announces Grand Opening of an Innovative New Technology Campus in Regina, SK

The Newest Addition to the North American Managed Services Landscape is the WBM YQR Infrastructure Operations Center for Data Driven Managed IT Services

WBM Technologies is excited to announce the Grand Opening of a bold new addition to the Western Canadian information technology sector: the YQR Infrastructure Operations Centre (IOC) located in Regina, Saskatchewan. The IOC expands the company’s technology and infrastructure investments across the west, and solidifies their role as one of Canada’s fastest growing employers.

The facility is unique to the IT industry in that it builds on traditional Network Operations Centers, expanding the scope of technologies being monitoring and managed to include everything an end user interacts with as they strive to be more productive and collaborative in today’s rapidly transforming ‘modern workplace’.

Borrowing on best practices observed from visiting numerous facilities across North America, WBM made a significant investment, not just in physical space, but in the systems and platforms powering the facility to create a world-class environment for their teams and clients. The result is a truly unique technology facility from which to deliver managed services driven by automation, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

As an epicenter for the management and support of technologies across some of western Canada’s largest and most progressive organizations, the new YQR Infrastructure Operations Center is already managing and resolving over 20,000 IT incidents per month.

“To effectively deliver managed services around a rapidly evolving set of desired business outcomes in our client community, and to achieve our vision of best-in-class, we are seeing an amazing shift toward a more intelligent and effective data-driven state,” says Brett Bailey, a Vice President and partner with WBM. “It makes sense that the facilities we operate from evolve significantly as well.”

The new WBM IOC certainly reflects this shift, from what might have once been a traditional and response focused ‘break/fix’ facility, to what is now a 24x7x365 monitoring environment designed to be more proactive and preventative. With platforms enabling the remote workplace, WBM’s facilities have evolved into centres for information and infrastructure inventories and processes, rather than just seats and desks.

“For example, areas like hardware architecture and configuration are expanded to include cloud provisioning and consumption management. This evolution means we end up with a technology centre that is purpose-built around the rapidly changing requirements of our client community,” states Bailey.

Being located in Western Canada, and in the provincial capital of Regina, Saskatchewan, were also important factors in the decision to build this new facility.

“The physical location is important due to the added element of managed inventories for seamless deployment, service level achievement, and business continuity,” says WBM President JoeAnne Hardy “but even more significant is that being able to make this investment right here in Western Canada is reflective of the progressive organizations and people we are so privileged to have around us. They are fueling a movement right now in embracing digital transformation for greater productivity, collaboration, and business intelligence. It’s without question the most exciting place we have ever been as we innovate with the amazing community we have around us.”

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