• August 22, 2012

WBM Office Systems Joins Print Audit Premier

WBM Office Systems joins Print Audit Premier to provide proactive customer service and powerful print management solutions to its clients.

Calgary, Alberta – August 22, 2012 – WBM Office Systems, an office solutions provider based out of Western Canada, has joined Print Audit Premier to expand its service and solutions offerings. Premier is a new subscription program that gives office equipment dealers virtually unlimited access to all of Print Audit’s products for one low monthly fee.

“It was our goal to be the best client-centric print partner that led us to Print Audit Premier,” said Blaine Sander, Director of the Print Technology Solutions Team at WBM. “For WBM this meant seeking out the most powerful tracking and management tool. One that would enable us to manage our growing fleet while providing a customized experience for our clients.”

Premier gives WBM access to not only powerful remote meter reading and device management tools but also provides them with a full suite of print management products to help their clients analyze, control and recover their printing costs.

“The ability to monitor, pro-actively manage, and comprehensively report on every facet of our clients’ environments is critical to our managed print offering,” explained Sander. “From some of the nation’s largest enterprises, to our local clients just starting out, Premier will enable us to offer all our clients a real-time customized report providing a fully transparent look into their print usage and costs.”

WBM sees the in-depth print data it can obtain from Premier as a key differentiator. “This is an immeasurable advantage that we can present not only to our clients, but internally as well. As our fleet is growing rapidly, Print Audit Premier empowers our staff with a much more efficient, user-friendly system for monitoring and retrieving client information,” added Sander. “With very little time investment, we are able to deliver a thorough governance report for any of our clients, no matter the size.”

About WBM Office Systems:

Established May 1, 1950, WBM Office Systems initially set out to revolutionize corporate information technologies. From our first photocopier in 1962 to our first Digital Network in 1984, to one of Canada’s first VoIP communications systems in 1994, WBM has been at the forefront of innovation in information technology. We are a complete systems integrator, focused on the strategic objectives of our client organizations, and the role that technology can play in achieving them.

About Print Audit®:

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Print Audit is the fastest growing print management company in the world. By providing businesses with innovative and practical print tracking solutions, the company has helped customers recapture over $200 million in printing and photocopying expenses while saving an estimated 190,000 trees a year.

Print Audit is the most comprehensive provider of managed print services (MPS) and print management solutions. The company enables organizations to monitor and control their printing costs via a broad range of capabilities that include secure print release, follow-me printing, rules-based printing, cost recovery, in-depth print assessment and remote meter reading.

Print Audit has offices located in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Visit http://www.printaudit.com to learn more and find the location nearest you.

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