Accessing World Class IT Services and New Levels of Cost Efficiency

Accessing World Class IT Services and New Levels of Cost Efficiency

Finding the right Managed IT Services partner isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association needed to find when it went to market for a new partner in 2020. So, when AUMA connected with WBM—they instantly knew they had found a world-class Managed IT Services partner in their own backyard—a true partner who could help them achieve their vision.

“WBM’s sophistication and attention to detail brought immediate benefits to AUMA. From the optimization of our technology infrastructure to the new and innovative ways our staff can access live and friendly support, WBM has already improved our IT experience– all while reducing our costs. As the technology leader for AUMA, knowing that our IT operations are in good hands helps me focus on other strategic objectives.”

Discover how AUMA managed to significantly improve IT, reduce costs, and find a trusted partner to guide them through their IT journey.

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About AUMA

  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Size: 51-200 Employees
  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta


What Did AUMA Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Rapidly deployed new technology and IT services. AUMA completed a technical discovery and rapid service onboarding in just three months with WBM’s support.
  • Improved infrastructure health and cybersecurity. Infrastructure health drastically improved with 99% patch compliance and 2,404 security patches deployed.
  • Reduced IT spend in several categories. IT improvements led to a significant reduction in servers required and $84,000 in initial cost savings.
  • Earned a perfect satisfaction score. The entire project went according to plan and achieved an impressive 100% project satisfaction score.
  • Quick wins in ongoing support and service. Nearly 100% of tickets were resolved in the first 90 days, while 71% are solved on the very first call.
  • Partnered with a world-class Managed IT Services partner. AUMA now has 24x7x365 access to a world-class Managed IT Services provider for all its IT needs and is extending discounted services to all AUMA members.
  • Successfully launched its comprehensive managed services program. Staff have on-demand access to WBM Experience Engineers for live, “how to” support – exactly when they need it.

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