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BOWEN has always been about putting people first. Since 1974, they’ve been a trusted leader to some of Canada’s largest organizations, SMEs, and startups—filling temporary and permanent placements, providing flexible payroll solutions, and more. When it came time to invest in data security and traffic management, the company knew it needed technology partners to empower the way its people worked.

“The F5 BIG-IP platform is definitely the best when it comes to intelligent traffic management, but to have network and application security capabilities built right into the same platform was a great fit for us. We wouldn’t be comfortable hosting our applications in-house without the F5 solution.”

Discover how BOWEN’s partnership with WBM led to a successful F5 BIG-IP deployment that unified firewall, traffic management, and advanced security features.

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  • Industry: Staffing Agency
  • Size: 3,000+ Employees
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

What Did BOWEN Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Deployment of the world-class BIG-IP platform. Security and traffic management are now easier than ever, thanks to industry-leading F5 solutions.
  • One location to manage all F5 applications. The company can manage F5’s BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager, BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager, and BIG-IP Application Security Manager from one location.
  • Reduced IT costs through consolidation. New efficiencies have drastically cut IT costs through the consolidation of multiple vendors.
  • Enhanced security for its distributed workforce. BIG-IP ASM ensures sensitive employee data, client information, and back-end databases are secure.
  • Improved traffic optimization and management. BIG-IP LTM improves application availability with ongoing traffic management, optimization, acceleration, compression, and SSL offloading.
  • Access to a trusted IT partner. Working with WBM gave BOWEN the confidence needed to implement security solutions focused on their outcomes.

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