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In 2016, Cybera partnered with WBM to spearhead its ShareIT program. Its objective was to leverage economies of scope and scale, facilitating the cost-effective access of IT hardware, software, and services across 15 of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions (PSIs).

“This initiative has allowed us, a small Alberta college, to leverage collective price negotiating that would otherwise not be available to us. ShareIT has allowed us to take advantage of its aggressive pricing while still being able to work with our existing value-added reseller, with whom we have done business for many years. So this is win-win-win: we are happy with the pricing; our vendor is happy with the business; and our students get an updated, state-of-the-art wireless network across the whole campus!”

See how WBM’s partnership with Cybera guided the ShareIT program towards lasting results, including significant cost-savings, strengthened negotiation power, and widespread adoption of the ShareIT model.

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About Cybera Inc.

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Size: 50-200 Employees
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

What Did Cybera Inc. Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Reduced service management duplication across organizations. WBM assigned a dedicated Procurement Service Specialist to deliver a consistent experience across each PSI.
  • Created economies of scale. Regardless of their individual advocacy, each PSI was able to increase their individual advocacy using group purchasing and procurement trends.
  • Reinforced negotiation power. Realized significant cost-savings through pooled purchasing needs across Alberta’s PSIs.
  • Achieved real-time access to standard products. WBM is now able to provide direct access to a standard selection of products at ShareIT prices using an online procurement portal.
  • Widespread adoption of ShareIT using an opt-in, opt-out model. WBM was able to meet the unique needs of each PSI regardless of its size or location.

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