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The University of Regina was determined to act as a leader in environmental responsibility. By partnering with Lexmark in association with WBM, the university was able to upgrade its print environment to reduce its carbon footprint, cut costs, and improve usability for staff and students alike.

“The new approach is prodding users to rethink their need to print. When they do, Lexmark Print Release reduces waste by eliminating abandoned or forgotten print jobs. We know this is reducing printing university wide.”

See how the University of Regina promotes sustainability with a secure, flexible, and user-focused print environment.

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About University of Regina

  • Date Founded: 1911
  • Full-Time Students: 10,000+
  • Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

What Did the University of Regina Achieve by Working With WBM?

  • Optimized its device fleet according to unique needs. As part of a phased one-year deployment, the university was able to retire its existing devices, replacing them with Lexmark products that had been carefully selected based on departmental demands.
  • Reduced total number of devices in operation. The university is on track for a 60% reduction in printers and copiers.
  • Streamlined device lifecycle management. Network-based administration tools track the health of individual devices, generating service alerts whenever necessary.
  • Improved its environmental footprint. The university was able to significantly reduce both carbon emissions and electrical consumption.
  • Gained access to new functionality. Both staff and students can now enjoy improved printing capabilities and robust access controls.

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