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Finding new ways to increase productivity, collaboration, and the meaningful use of technology was always the goal of Westport Fuel Systems. The challenge was preparing their teams for a successful transition to the modern workplace—one designed around the idea of community and support.

“I received amazing feedback from our executive leadership team. It seems we now have a new platform for Town Halls and other similar events in our company. Having the right business partner can make all the difference contributing to these types of successes. So, thank you, WBM, for your partnership and commitment. I look forward to more collaboration and more innovative solutions throughout the year.”

See how Westport Fuel Systems created Microsoft 365 Champions to rapidly deploy and support their largest technology enablement initiative yet.

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About Westport Fuel Systems

  • Industry: Auto Parts
  • Size: 1,300+ Employees
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

What Did Westport Fuel Systems Achieve By Working With WBM?

  • Completely transitioned to the modern workplace. A successful digital transformation ensures Westport’s teams have the tools and support needed to work from anywhere.
  • Rapid Microsoft 365 adoption using internal change champions. A 12-person group of team leaders supported and trained staff to streamline the Microsoft 365 adoption.
  • Full employee confidence in Microsoft’s tools. Employees now have full confidence and the support needed to drive the most value out of Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Double-digit increases in engagement rates. Westport achieved double-digit growth in engagement rates for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, and other M365 solutions.
  • Solution consolidation across the organization. 95% of Westport’s staff were successfully onboarded, with 400+ users migrated to a Single Tenant solution.
  • Team unity through an accessible and holistic solution. Hosting Town Halls is easier than ever. Westport successfully hosted a multi-language event for staff located in North & South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Overwhelming support and buy-in from employees. Westport’s 100% user satisfaction score shows their employees have fully embraced new technology, collaboration, and the modern workplace.

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