WBM Technologies has rapidly grown into the 3rd largest Managed IT Service Provider in Canada (and 31st largest in the world) by transforming and accelerating how end users work, connect to information, and connect with each other.

WBM Skype for Business and Office 365

One of the main drivers of this growth has been the adoption of Office365 and the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) (maybe hyperlink back to Microsoft SOF here) as a core competencies to WBM’s tool belt.

At WBM, we know that digital transformation and customized business results are driven by these key components:

  • Starting from the end user experience and working outward
  • Being secure and recoverable
  • Enabling digital transformation with Office 365 as a could enabled platform
  • Ensuring support, management, and governance is in place from a partner that is aligned with your business for continuous improvement

Solutions such as WBM’s Skype for Business Cloud PBX flow naturally when clients are engaged in this Managed IT process.

Learn more about WBM’s Skype for Business Cloud PBX here

“It is great to see that a Western Canadian based company can compete with global companies, and get the recognition it deserves. I know such achievement doesn’t come easily and requires the hard work, passion and dedication of many people, and above all, leadership of visionary people.”

Faramarz Farahani
Executive Vice President Innovation
Federated Co-operatives Limited

Why choose WBM?



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WBM Technologies pushes innovation by engaging customers on many different levels – from ownership right down to end-user. By taking time to ask meaningful questions and truly understand how people work, we have opened the door to opportunities and outcomes with our clients that they did not believe were possible. Tailored to business and end user requirements, WBM solutions enable significant and tangible outcomes with a people first approach.


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Who better to write the book on successful deployments than Microsoft? By leveraging Microsoft’s framework of Plan, Discover and Operate, WBM Technologies is helping our client community harness the power of Office 365 and Skype for Business… All completely delivered, deployed, and managed by WBM’s industry leading IT professionals. (hyperlink back to https://www.skypeoperationsframework.com/)


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Office 365 is more than a means of delivering the traditional Office suite, it is an amazing ecosystem and toolkit that empowers end users through applications, workflows, and of course, a whole new world of collaboration. Understanding and enabling Skype for Business through the Skype Operations Framework enhances the Office 365 experience and paves the way for advanced and accelerated technology enablement—a transformation of how end users work and how they impact business.

WBM is one of the Canada’s largest and most sophisticated Managed IT Solution Providers. Our combined understanding of Office 365 as a cloud enabled platform, and our dedication to managed support and governance for your evolving solution, means that we can continually achieve business goals together, or adapt as we meet new business challenges. It is this client centric approach, and Operations Blueprint, that fully unlocks value of a technology solution purpose built for you.

WBM Operations Blueprint Chart

PhaseDesired OutcomesWBM Activities & Deliverables
  • Capture the vision of leadership for the organization and define the strategic direction
  • Understand the end user profiles and the impact of any changes to their technology
  • Projection of business outcomes and financial benefit
  • Meet with Executive Team / Project Sponsor
  • Observe and Document how end-users work
  • Prepare and Present aggregate findings and summarize ‘Current State’
  • Prepare IT Solutions Roadmap based on SOF
  • Effective execution of SOF resulting in smooth deployment of Skype for Business solution
  • Change management from legacy systems to Skype for Business
  • Inclusion of end user community feedback
  • Undertake remediation and preparation
  • Deliver solutions to client through planned deployment
  • Educate end user community on how to use new tools
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and enhanced delivery solutions
  • Keep the pulse of the end user community
  • Maintain alignment to original and evolving business objectives
  • Creation of a Champions Team
  • Commitment to an ongoing governance model
  • Ongoing dedicated IT Support through WBM Managed IT Solutions and End User Support Desk


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