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WBM Office Systems Enters 2014 on a High Note

Building on Significant IOC Investments, WBM Growth Breaks 175 Staff Milestone

WBM is driven to be best in class and this commitment to quality drove many successes in 2013. Several departments were able to beat previous growth records and as Pat Kolysher, Director of Career Development notes, “We grew our IT division by 100% by hiring 47 new technical staff members in 2013. It’s very exciting when you think about the impact that 90 people can have within the operations of our client community.”

JoeAnne Hardy, President of WBM, elaborates that “2013 was an unbelievable year in terms of client growth and staffing. We started 2013 with 135 people across our 3 locations and now we have a total of 180 staff members. It’s just amazing to look around and see all of these new faces. People that are excited to either be starting their career with us or continuing a career that they began elsewhere. All the different personalities and all of the different work experiences that those people bring with them, it’s really changed the face of the company and expanded the skill sets that we are able to offer to our customers.”

Build Your Career. Join Our Team.

WBM Director of Career Development Pat Kolysher has every member of the WBM Technical Team on their own path to success

As WBM has grown, our people have seen an incredible opportunity unfold.  Being a part of a vibrant team of great people, working to contribute to some of the most dynamic and interesting IT environments across the prairies, from our fast paced portfolio of growing small business partners, to the critical demands and intricate challenges of Enterprise IT infrastructure.

A career at WBM is about being part of something great, and feeling the momentum that comes from success, advancement and opportunity, not just for the company we are building, but for each one of us as individuals.  As a member of our IT technical team, your first mission to identify where you are on our map, and where you wish your talents, passions, and interests to take you.

By plotting this path together, we are able to being working on a mutually beneficial journey that is your new career in IT.

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