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WBM Finds New Efficiencies to Serve Client Community

First Call Effectiveness used as a benchmark analytic for enhancing client service and productivity.

When WBM Office Systems was named one of the Top 100 Managed Print Providers in North America, they learned a valuable lesson. For years, WBM had measured the success of their service department in resolution time. But learning more about how the Top 100 Managed Print Providers were selected revealed an entirely new analytic: First Call Effectiveness.

Simply put, First Call Effectiveness is the percentage of service calls that are resolved on the first visit to the client site. The upside of First Call Effectiveness became obvious to the team and that started the process of achieving a benchmark standard of 82%. Watch the video to learn how WBM has successfully implemented First Call Effectiveness.

Build Your Career. Join Our Team.

WBM helps put every member of our Technical Team on their own path to success

As WBM has grown, our people have seen an incredible opportunity unfold. Being a part of a vibrant team of great people, working to contribute to some of the most dynamic and interesting IT environments across the prairies, from our fast paced portfolio of growing small business partners, to the critical demands and intricate challenges of Enterprise IT infrastructure.

A career at WBM is about being part of something great, and feeling the momentum that comes from success, advancement and opportunity, not just for the company we are building, but for each one of us as individuals. As a member of our IT technical team, your first mission to identify where you are on our map, and where you wish your talents, passions, and interests to take you.

By plotting this path together, we are able to being working on a mutually beneficial journey that is your new career in IT.

Discover more about your WBM Career here...
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