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The Power Of Innovation

Connection 2014 • Friday September 26th

An exclusive invitation for you and your team to join friends and colleagues from across western Canada, at the industry’s annual IT Community Event and Gala.

In Western Canada, IT organizations are now stepping beyond the traditional, and moving into the forefront of innovation. Pushed by evolving business needs, the challenge is to harness the power of innovation in the solutions we are delivering, and the approaches we are taking – all while nurturing change and mitigating risk.

Each year, WBM brings together our client community to celebrate what is fast becoming one of Canada’s most dynamic and diverse IT groups, and this year’s event will be no different!

  • BE part of a casual and informal afternoon featuring a series of quick hitting technology briefings and discussions
  • SEE first hand the possibilities as Google Glass lands in Canada
  • ENGAGE in the popular on stage panel discussions as members of our own IT community provide insights into the innovations they are striving for and the results they expect to see
  • HEAR from leaders within your own IT and business community as they explore the idea of innovation, and share a vision of what’s next
  • CELEBRATE the hard work and successes of the past year at our VIP Charity Reception Party, an event that will touch the lives of many less privileged children in our community
  • ENJOY an evening of fine wines and specialty spirits with your spouse or significant other as a guest of WBM at the 2014 Premier Wine Festival

This event will sell out, as event seating and especially Premier Wine Festival tickets are limited to the first 350 registrants.

Download the Connection 2014 Invitation PDF

WBM Finds New Efficiencies to Serve Client Community

First Call Effectiveness used as a benchmark analytic for enhancing client service and productivity.

When WBM Office Systems was named one of the Top 100 Managed Print Providers in North America, they learned a valuable lesson. For years, WBM had measured the success of their service department in resolution time. But learning more about how the Top 100 Managed Print Providers were selected revealed an entirely new analytic: First Call Effectiveness.

Simply put, First Call Effectiveness is the percentage of service calls that are resolved on the first visit to the client site. The upside of First Call Effectiveness became obvious to the team and that started the process of achieving a benchmark standard of 82%. Watch the video to learn how WBM has successfully implemented First Call Effectiveness.

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