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Western Canadian Technology Firm Named One of the World’s Leading IT Providers

On the 8th Annual Index of the Worlds 500 Largest Managed IT Services Companies, Canada’s WBM Office Systems Debuts at Number 40 Overall

At an online media event held this week, the worlds 500 largest Managed IT Service providers were announced, and WBM Office Systems, operating out of Saskatchewan and Alberta, made a debut appearance on the listing at number 40 in the world - the fourth largest such provider in Canada.

The Power of Together

When the Arts, Technology, and Children Come Together, Amazing Things Happen

Recognizing the role that technology can play in enabling great work, and focusing on a bigger picture brought the people of Persephone Theatre and WBM together. The opportunity to lift the spirits of community school children who have so much to give made the impact of this work very special. See what happens when technology, art, and children come together in a community.

WBM’s Ashley Schell Rallies IT Industry Leaders in Support of Fort McMurray

Ashley Schell, director of IT procurement services at Saskatchewan-based WBM Office Systems, a Wild West member, took to the stage Tuesday morning at the event to make the case for donating to Fort McMurray relief efforts, and the results were nearly immediate — less than five hours after his presentation, contributions from solution providers alone were north of $4,000, with that number expected to grow as the group continues to shine a spotlight as the event continues on Wednesday.

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Technology Security Summit

Connection 2015 • Friday September 25th

This is the issue that the IT community has asked to explore, and to be brought to the forefront this year.

Together, we put leaders from within our own community and beyond on the stage, and is so often the case with this group, even in the face of a serious concern such as "the looming technology security threat", you are able to break down the contributing factors, understand the risks, and then get into position to deliver on the opportunities and potential value.

At Connection 2015, we saw the work that is happening across this incredible community, and the results and the experiences are truly world class.

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