Advanced Threat Assessment and Virtual CSO Consulting Services

“A security assessment is performed to identify the current security posture of an information system or organization. The assessment provides recommendations for improvement, which allows the organization to a reach a security goal that mitigates risk, and also enables the organization.”

WBM’s Cyber Security Threat Assessment Service is a 4 stage approach to assessing an organization, considering the following controls throughout the process: People Controls, Policy Controls, and Technology Controls.  The 4 stages of the assessment are: Penetration Test, Capture Test, Assessment Report, Investment Road Map.

Penetration Test

The penetration test provides crucial actionable intelligence by executing a battery of tests against the existing Information Security infrastructure. Results from a penetration test are translated into mitigation recommendations that improve the security posture of the overall Information Technology infrastructure. WBM follows an industry best practice methodology for the execution of a penetration test that follows well defined milestones

Capture Test

The WBM Capture test is performed by installing a Hardware Appliance onsite to perform a snapshot in time of the different threats that are identified as traffic passes through the appliance.  The analysis appliance operates in transparent mode in order to identify threats that are currently not being blocked by the existing firewall infrastructure.  The Capture report provides valuable insight in the protection abilities of current Technology Controls in an effort to provide recommendations of improvement.

Investment Roadmap

The completion of a security assessment without a specific follow up plan yields very little value to the improvement of the overall company’s security posture. As part of the security assessment, WBM presents an Investment Report that provides a timeline of activities presented as recommendations within the security assessment. The intended audience for this report are directors, members of corporate boards or senior company executives. The Investment report includes three distinct pieces of supporting information as follows:  Financial Summary, Timeline Summary and Opportunity Summary.

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