Award Winning WBM Managed Security as a Service Platform Protecting Organizations Across Western Canada

WBM’s managed security service utilizes a multi-level protection model for our customer community to secure business against ransomware threats such as cryptolocker, Locky and other emerging security threats.

The program is built on best practices in business continuity and risk, and is designed to enable all members of the WBM client community to be protected through an assessable and affordable program.

WBM Managed Security protects organizations utilizing Next Generation Firewall, Device Antivirus, and Backup & Recovery.  WBM Managed Security clients receive Security as a Service, for a predictable monthly fee, all inclusive of:

  • Hardware (including upgrades as released)
  • Design and implementation
  • Vetted and scheduled firmware release
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting
  • Secure and protected endpoints
  • Full support and rapid threat response
  • Managed backup validation
  • Ongoing governance and reporting
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Dedicated technical group (WBM “POD”) for consistency in communication, response, environmental familiarity, issue resolution and continuous improvement

Stage I. Device Antivirus

WBM leverages WEBROOT to provide antivirus protection at the device level to our customers. It is critical to ensure that:

  • Device anti virus is in place, and that
  • Device antivirus is proliferated across all devices

Implementation & Security Policy:

WBM will remotely push installs to all devices via our Labtech RMM system. On an ongoing basis, WBM will push antivirus updates automatically as part of the service, and the WBM IOC will provide monitoring and alerting. In the event that a critical virus is detected, WBM will automatically disable that device in an attempt to safeguard against further infection.

Stage II. Next Generation Firewall

The WBM Next Generation Firewall security standard is built on the SonicWALL Unified Threat Management platform, and includes access to WBM’s Global Management Service for monitoring, updates, and reporting. The program is provided as a flat monthly service, with all project implementation, configuration, and actual hardware costs eliminated.

Implementation & Security Policy:

NGFW appliances are available in sizes that match your specific requirements. NGFW firewalls protect the organization at its perimeter and an appliance is required for each location to be secured against threat.

Stage III. Monitored Backup & Recovery

The WBM technology standard for backup & recovery process utilizes a NAS (network attached storage drive) in conjunction with a monitored daily offsite backup.

Implementation & Security Policy:

All backups on the WBM standard program are monitored at the start of each day to ensure success, and recovery is provided as an on demand no cost service, including the ability to immediately revert back to a healthy state and avoid loss that would otherwise occur in an infection.

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